How to Use This Library
Instructions for adding and maintaining entries in this archive.
This library is constructed manually using files exported from the metagovernance workspace (currently on Notion). Here you will find the rules and templates you'll need to maintain and make additions to its content.
To import documents from Notion, Google Drive or other sources, refer to these instructions.
Documents in this library are displayed in a standardized format. Please refer to the available document models when formatting your content. Templates are available for your convenience.
Files and folders in this library are organized in a predictable manner. Please follow these instructions when adding and modifying files, in order to maintain a quality UX for editors and visitors.
Follow these instructions to ensure that your page titles and url slugs conform to the style guidelines for this library.
Contents of this library should be updated on an ongoing basis and reviewed weekly for accuracy. Follow these instructions to ensure content is delivered accurately and on-time to other workstreams.
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Importing Documents
Maintaining Files and Folders
Weekly Reporting Period